Indecent Digit: VITTLES OF THE DAMNED: Breakfast at Rosey’s

Sunday, October 23, 2005

VITTLES OF THE DAMNED: Breakfast at Rosey’s

Possession makes a girl hungry – and usually too weak to cook for herself. So this morning Laurence and I went to Rosey’s on Rogers, the latest reincarnation of the Eddie’s Grocery building, located on the Westside of Olympia by the co-op on Rogers & Bowman.

Those of you who live in Olympia but have yet to partake of Rosey’s fare should rectify the situation as soon as possible. Today I stuck with the old standby of eggs-over-easy with their heavenly herbed grits and chorizo sausage. You can always tell a good fry-cook by how he fries an egg – and these eggs were perfect with deep orange yolks. So yummy… and nutritious! While slopping my herbed grits about in the egg yolks, I marveled at how amazing they were – and we’re north of the Mason Dixon line! The herbs used in the grits complimented the eggs perfectly. The cook or owner must be from the South because this is the first restaurant I’ve frequented in the NW that even offered grits for breakfast. Again, so yummy… I ordered the chorizo sausage special, and it was gooood – perfect for someone prone to dousing their eggs with Tapatio.

I can also recommend from previous experience the Hazelnut pancakes. I once thought the pancakes at The Breakfast Place in Damariscotta, Maine were the best I would ever eat. I was wrong. Also, if they are offering a Chanterelle mushroom, bacon and green apple omelet as a special – you should definitely order it. It’s a bit pricey at $13.95 but well worth it for the culinary experience. The only thing I’ve had there so far that I wasn’t totally happy with was the Tex Mex Migas. I thought it was a bit bland, uninteresting and a little soggy. However, a friend of mine had it once before and he liked it a lot – and it looked much better – so maybe they were having an off day. The service wasn’t great that day either, so maybe everyone was having a bad day since it seemed the boss man was there.

All in all I can highly recommend Rosey’s for breakfast. We have yet to eat dinner there, but will give you a full report when we do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find the joys of Rosey's to be tenfold when sitting in the swivel chairs at the bar. Not only do you get free entertainment when the cook scorches himself and curses loudly, but you also get a much better coating of fried egg grease in your hair.

9:39 AM  
Blogger plokmatic said...

Oh my god you are making me hungry. I miss the Oly breakfast joints. they were fabulous. Here in Seattle I live a block form three delicious spots. 611 Supreme on Pike and Boylston is good for Crepes adn such. Tasty savory and sweet dishes. Glo's for a good old fashioned omelette with some of the best hash browns in town. Like they were presaoked in butter for a few days before they were cooked. And the best mocha at B&O. Not to mention having Top Pot a few blocks form the house. All in all Pete's Egg Nest on Phinney for a Spinahc and Feta Fritatta is whaere it is at. Plus the greek family that runs the place are adorable!

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am actualy a cook at rosey's and am deeply offended that you would imply that all cooks are men.

9:26 PM  
Blogger devilgetout said...

...i relish your anger... amuses and delights me... ...what i meant to say, of course, is that all GOOD cooks are men... ...har har har... ...see you in hell...

6:49 PM  
Blogger LGG said...

I'm in total agreement with "Anonymous". All of my favorite fry-cooks have always been women. How evil of you, DGO!

10:49 PM  

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