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Thursday, February 02, 2006

VITTLES OF THE DAMNED: Metal Bunny Food Food

I have recently been released from the intermittently eternal torment of He Who Cannot Be Named. It was hell and boy-o-boy was I hungry when I came to my senses. So I headed to the one place I knew I could get a juicy burger, good and quick - the Iron Rabbit! I'm not too fond of the name, so I'll be referring to it as "the Metal Bunny" from here on out. The Metal Bunny is located in the old Burrito Heaven / Tequila Bar space - in the same strip mall as the mailbox place and Paradise Video!

The Metal Bunny's burgers are, well, absolutely delectable! Juicy, tasty, satisfying. Now that you can't order burgers temperature-specific (thanks, o' State o' Washington), you run the risk of receiving a dried out hockey-puck. Not so at the Metal Bunny! Could it be because they use Misty Isle Farm beef? Maybe they cook their patties in butter? Who cares!?! They're the best burgers in town since Bob's Big Burger became Koibito!

The Iron Burger is great, but if you like a stronger taste, try the Tough Burger topped with Gorgonzola sauce and bacon! Yummy! Also reported as very tasty: the ABC chicken wrap, chicken strips and GARLIC FRIES!

I highly recommend the Metal Bunny, especially because I want this place to succeed. It's really nice having a great beer & burger joint within walking distance of your house. Plus if you fill out a comment card they'll send you a gift certificate for your birthday! So GO! EAT! Sit in the bar because it has better atmosphere!

And don't forget to tip your server!


Blogger LGG said...

Sounds great, but when I went there on Superbowl Sunday, they were closed. WTF?!?!?!

4:13 PM  

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