Indecent Digit: [Belated] Friday Cat Blogging

Saturday, October 22, 2005

[Belated] Friday Cat Blogging

Maybe I should just change this feature to "Saturday Cat Blogging"...

And while I'm catching up, the two or three of you who may be lurking out there have probably noticed by now that things have been fairly quiet around here lately. Sorry about that. It's been a hell of a month here in O-town, but my fabulous Dayjob has finally released me from my overtime requirements, so you should expect a little more activity around here. I have been going through the news bag for the first time in a while, and I seem to have missed quite a bit. So, if you're dumb enough to seek all of your information from this website, then rest assured that I will load you up shortly.

will also be back soon with her review of breakfast.

Anyway, sorry for the delay...


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