Indecent Digit: Christopher Walken: Creepus POTUS?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Christopher Walken: Creepus POTUS?

A while back, I noticed this and decided it was a joke. However, Paul Rieckhoff and Anthony Lappe will again guest-host The Mike Malloy Show tonight, and they have promised to get to the bottom of it, and even teased that Walken himself might be on the show.

Listen live here. If you miss it, you can get the archives here or here.

Fred Phelps will also be on, however, but Paul promised to rip him a new one, so maybe it will be worth the pain. Still, what a fucker...

[UPDATE: Phelps was a non-event, and Walken was a hoax, but a funny one.
So, um... Cheers.]


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Blogger Johnbai3030 said...

Wow, stupid annoying blog spam. You have a great site, I'm DEFINITELY going to bookmark you. I have a site too. It pretty much covers stuff that you might find on the bottom of your shoes after a walk through sewage.

It is somehow suitably creepy that it's impossible to tell from Walken's presidential website whether it's serious or not.

6:45 PM  
Blogger devilgetout said...

...walken will NEVER be president... whose soul is so pure and bright could never survive the unimaginable horrors i will subject him to on the campaign trail... ...I WILL EAT HIS LIVER FOR ETERNITY!!!

11:26 AM  

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