Indecent Digit: The Dayjob of Angry Yawns

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Dayjob of Angry Yawns

Sorry to be gone for so long, but it's been a bitch of a week.

You see, normally, I do most of my writing on Thursdays and Fridays, but I've been working lots of overtime lately, and I've pretty much just been crashing after that. I'm told by my supervisor that this will continue for at least another week, so please bear with me.

Actually, I wish that my job produced more drama so that I would have more personal material to write about here. Frankly, no one would want to hear about the details of my daily work -- it's just that bland.

The only amusing thing I have to share from the-ordeal-that-was-this-week relates to the fact that I'm not even doing my own job these days. I'm just filling in for people in other departments who are lucky enough to be on vacation right now.

I usually work in the "computer department", managing data and filing and stapling things. Not very exciting, but it pays bizzarely well. Seriously, in the dark era of Bush, I am very lucky indeed to have such a job.

Today, however, I spent eight hours pulling erroneous stickers off of mushroom catalogues so that accurate stickers could replace them.

I'm not kidding.

This is the sort of task that can drive most people mad with boredom, but as I sat there, freezing my ass off and doing work that could easily have been done by a monkey, it occurred to me that they were still paying me my extortionate "office job" wage to do stuff that any temp could have done for half the price.

And I wasn't being forced to think, answer phones, or deal with clients. If I had been blind-stinking-drunk, no one would have noticed.

Suddenly, I felt very lucky to be alive.

And I still do.

Happy Friday! Go to Jeff's Party!

[GONZO UPDATE: Today, I was dealing with the same labels on the same catalogues, and found a little piece of treasure: one of them was addressed to Hunter S. Thompson. ...sigh...]


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