Indecent Digit: "Operation Sweeps Week"

Friday, March 17, 2006

"Operation Sweeps Week"

From AMERICAblog:

“Operation Swarmer” is really a media show. It was designed to show off the new Iraqi Army — although there was no enemy for them to fight. Every American official I’ve heard has emphasized the role of the Iraqi forces just days before the third anniversary of the start of the war. That said, one Iraqi role the military will start highlighting in the next few days, I imagine, is that of Iraqi intelligence. It was intel from the Iraqi military intelligence and interior ministry that the U.S. says prompted this Potemkin operation. And it will be the Iraqi intel that provides the cover for American military commanders to throw up their hands and say, “well, we thought bad guys were there.”

...happy anniversary...

[UPDATE: You can now read the whole story (originally from TIME Magazine's Online Edition) here].


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