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Monday, April 10, 2006

Scary Quote of the Day

"Think how marginalized racists are," said [Christian activist Gregory S.] Baylor , who directs the Christian Legal Society's Center for Law and Religious Freedom. "If we don't address this now, it will only get worse."

In case you don't have time to read the whole thing, he's lamenting the fact that homophobes are in danger of being "marginalized" by polite society in the same way that racists are supposedly "marginalized" by polite society (except for the ones in Congress, apparently).

I wish I could believe that they were, but all indications are that the bigots on the far-fringes of the Dominionist Right are Hellbent (literally, in my opinion) on crying "persecution" as they themselves cynically clamor for the "God Given" right to persecute millions of Americans. This is no less repugnant than Tom DeLay's claims that he has been indicted because he is an Evangelical Christian and not because he laundered money.

The latter strategy represents the true "War on Christianity": Committing crimes in the name of Jesus Christ and then accusing those who would bring you to justice of Satanic motivations. It is by this MO that believers are expected to recognise the Antichrist, a fact that Tom DeLay and his followers seem to have forgotten.

At least we can take some comfort in the fact that most people of faith are kind and compassionate and strive to become the best people they can be, and that the bratty authoritarians among them, those who would say, "The World does not conform to my narrow Worldview, so that must mean I'm being persecuted", represent a disgruntled minority.

I hope so, anyway...


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