Indecent Digit: Zarqawi Gets Blow'd Up!!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zarqawi Gets Blow'd Up!!!

Dead and loving it!!!

As always, Raw Story has excellent exclusive coverage.

You can also watch things go "boom" at Reuters.

But Bill in Portland Maine said it best, over at Daily Kos:

"CHEERS to finding a really evil needle in a really big haystack. U.S. forces rocked terrorist Abu Musab "Dick" al-Zarqawi's world last night when they tossed a thousand pounds of explosive whupass down his gullet. They found his body in the bedroom. And the kitchen. And the den. And the garage. And the neighbor's apartment. And I think I found an eyebrow in my Cocoa Puffs this morning. My only regret: he didn't know what hit him."

Can't argue with that.

So, the war is over now, right?


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