Indecent Digit: September 25, 2005

Friday, September 30, 2005

Friday Night Cat Blogging

Buffet OpenThread

We went for the luncheon buffet at the Great Cuisine of India in downtown Oly yesterday.

All you can eat for $6.95.

We're going back today. See ya'...

[UPDATE: I ate delicious Indian food until I could no longer form a coherent thought, and then bought a very cheap guitar. Life is good...]

Monkey Trial Madness!

I just read this fairly detailed piece about the on-going "Intelligent Design" trial in Pennsylvania, a story that thrills me to no end. Here's my favorite quote:

"Proponents of intelligent design say that their scientific approach relies only on observable facts."

Insert joke here...

Oh, the Indecency!

Your morning chuckle comes from News Hounds.

A Lament for the Red-Legged Frog.

What Do YOU Think?

The fine folks at MSNBCTV have a question for you:

"Do you think William Bennett's comments are reprehensible?"

When I voted, it was 74% "Hell Yes" and 26% "I'm a Racist Scumbag".

Again, that's 26%...



Thursday, September 29, 2005

Don't Go Into the Light, Anton!

"How Was the ROSYVELT Show?" Open Thread

Be brutal.

1000 DIVING ROBOTS Flashback

Ah, haven't heard this in a while.

Thanks to Jeff for putting it on the web!

Tinker's Damned Open Thread

You may have noticed things have been looking a little wacky around here tonight. No, I'm not that drunk, but I am experimenting with a few template changes, so please bear with me while I get my act together.

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves until that happens.

[UPDATE: It seems to look better when maximized. But then again, what doesn't?]

[UPDATE: THE SECOND: Definitely looks better in Firefox than it does in Explorer].

You'd Better Be at That ROSYVELT Benefit Show by Now...

Here's why.

Indictment Party Open Thread

In honor of recent events, I have redeemed my gift certificate from Rainy Day Records. Coincidentally, it was one of the rainiest days Olympia has seen in quite a while. Crazy, huh?

Now I shall listen to my newly aquired swag while the world burns. I'll tell you if any of it is something you should buy.

Let me know if anything indecent happens.

What's the Haps?

Sorry, but I was out for a while. Did I miss anything?


Oh my.

Sweet Lord...

Never a dull moment.

Bill Bennett: Scumbag

Wanna' be sick?

I'm not kidding, do you want to throw up right now?

Maybe to get out of work early or something?

Media Matters will hold the bucket for you...

Holy Balz

Don't know what's funnier: this story from the WAPO, or the name of the author.

Okay, yes I do...

Open Thread

...need coffee...

Good News Everyone!

In a move that surprises no one, The Senate has confirmed a chipmunk to be the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS.

Drink now, drink hard.

[UPDATE: Shame on you, Patty Murray].

And Don't Forget ROSYVELT: Tonight @ Conor Byrne in Ballard

Go see them. I mean it. They rock. And it's for a cause. And if you have a little extra, offer to buy them a spell checker for their website.

The details are here and here.

The Clean Won't Come Off!!!

Speaking of this morning's Rachel Maddow Show (okay, I'll admit it -- I'm a shill), she also mentioned that "the number of indecency complaints against television and radio broadcasters plummeted more than 96 percent during the second quarter, according to data released by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday" (quoted from Reuters).

As you've probably gathered from our moniker, we at INDECENT DIGIT are not very happy about these statistics. Indecency is a cornerstone of American entertainment, ladies and gentlemen, and clearly, we can do better than this! Get out there and make more filth, patriot!

Shameful Joy?

As I've been listening to the coverage of Delaygate, I have been hearing lots of talk on the left to the effect of, "We shouldn't gloat about this". To those of you who think that the indictment of such an important spoke in the GOP wheel of corruption is in fact quite a good reason to gloat, you'll enjoy the opening minutes of today's Morning Sedition. There's another great audio montage about half-an hour in..

And tonight, when you're trying to fog-out the terror of the next Bush Supreme Court nomination, do yourself a favor and pour yourself a tall cold "Tom Delay Indictment Coctail" [courtesy of Rachel Maddow].

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Has He Been Indicted Yet?

Christmas in September?

[Super-big thanks be to Americablog]

[UPDATE: And He Is Outa' Here!!!]

Our First Open Thread

Drunk yet?

ROSYVELT Rocks for Charity at the Conor Byrne Pub, This Thursday!!!

Good news, Seattle residents! The fabulous ROSYVELT will be playing another must-see benefit show this Thursday (yes, that's the 29th) at the Conor Byrne Pub. Proceeds go to support The Parent Trust, so empty those pockets (you don't need to be drinking on a weeknight anyway). Seriously. Bring money.

Repeat after me:

This Thursday
September 29, 2005
8:00 PM 21+ (Tickets are $15)


Conor Byrne Pub
5140 Ballard Ave NW. Seattle WA, 98107


Rosyvelt (10:15 PM)
Brent Amaker (9:30 PM)
Toy Tractor (9:00 PM)
Kurt Leiber (8:30 PM)

Be there, or fear Jeff's wrath.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Here Goes Nothing...

Good morning, world! I decided to start this puppy up after long weekend of goofing off in front of the computer. There will be bugs for a while, as I remain a novice. Will I get my act together before we all get bored with this? Watch this space and find out...