Indecent Digit: February 19, 2006

Saturday, February 25, 2006


ELBOW: Leaders of the Free World 9/10

Remember when Genesis was fronted by Peter Gabriel and didn’t write sappy love ballads and cheesy pop songs? How about when Pink Floyd was still creating music that was interesting, rather than re-hashing musical ideas from WAY earlier in their career? Well, even if you don’t, Elbow does. Often referring to themselves as a band that plays “prog without the solos” these five guys from Manchester, England have been strongly influenced by Gabriel and Waters. However, it’s on their newest album, Leaders of the Free World, that Elbow has managed to take those influences and channel them into a sound all its own. Though expansive and full of huge sound, it manages to be very emotionally immediate and personal as well.

Much like the band’s last two albums, Asleep In the Back and Cast of Thousands, Leaders of the Free World has its fair share of atmospheric gloom. Unlike those records, however, this new one finds a band that seems to have had some sort of fire lit under it. Here they allow the songs to grow into more intense, occasionally raucous, pieces that sneak up on you and surprise you. This gives Leaders of the Free World the wondrous attribute of being something different and better each tome you listen to it. From the emotional homecoming of the opener, “Station Approach”, through to the album’s closer, “Puncture Repair”, this record will reward patience and repeat visits with beauty.

(Buyer’s note: Early pressing of the CD are packaged with an amazing DVD of videos for each song on the album)

Release Date: 2.21.2006

Tracks to check out:
"Station Approach"
"Leaders of the Free World"
"Forget Myself"

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Ann Coulter: STILL a Scumbag

"Man" Coulter strikes again, and in fine form.

...but I will admit that Garfield bugs me too...

Friday Night Cat Blogging Rockfest

CAT POWER: The Greatest pun intended...

"Big Mouth Strikes Again"

First they came for Morrissey...

Morrissey explains, "The FBI and the Special Branch have investigated me and I've been interviewed and taped and so forth."

"They were trying to determine if I was a threat to the government, and similarly in England. But it didn't take them very long to realise that I'm not."

Don't know about you, but that's a load off my mind.

Great Idea of the Week

From Raw Story:

State Sen. Robert Hagan sent out e-mails to fellow lawmakers late Wednesday night, stating that he intends to "introduce legislation in the near future that would ban households with one or more Republican voters from adopting children or acting as foster parents." The e-mail ended with a request for co-sponsorship.

He's got my vote!